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Core Mission

Core Counselling provides counselling, coaching and workshops that equip others to improve their lives.

We both believe and have witnessed the effectiveness of counselling and also think that it is a part of a well-lived life. Therefore, our passion is people—whole, healthy people—armed with healthy resilience to overcome difficulties, who find pleasure in their strength and accomplishments and to foster life-giving relationships.

The word “core” speaks to the depths of a person: those deep-dwelling parts that feel, hope, dream, aspire, and hold values. Often, when our core is injured or hurt, we react instinctively by guarding ourselves—in part or in full—from others, even our closest companions. At Core Counselling, we long to help you care for and uncover this deeply personal self.

Why? Regardless of our best efforts and intention, we are stuck in depression, anxiety, procrastination, or addiction. Counselling discovers more of who we are and why we do the thing we do. It is in those moment when we begin to understand ourselves better that permanent change can happen.

Our Services

Core Counselling

Core Counsellors are here to help you process with strategic guidance, attentive listening, and caring expertise.

Core Group

Group work can be a cost-effective way for you to take steps toward change in a challenging but safe environment.

Core Coaching

Coaching is for people who are generally content but have some deeper desires or unfulfilled yearnings.


We now offer confidential online counselling sessions.

We now offer online counselling!

We work diligently on decreasing barriers to receiving counselling. Our desire is to provide multiple delivery platforms for therapy, in order that our clients have access to their therapists regardless of circumstances.

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