Online Counselling - Core Counselling
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Online Counselling

We, at Core Counselling, work diligently on decreasing barriers to receiving counselling. Our desire is to provide multiple delivery platforms for therapy, in order that our clients have access to their therapists regardless of circumstances.

Encryption technology has come far enough that online counselling can be safely done over video conferencing platforms. Another aspect to consider is that even though online counselling sessions can be encrypted, clients need ensure that they are in a room were their confidentiality is protected. Since the counselling session is not at a the therapist’s office, the client needs to ensure that the conversation can not be overheard by other inhabitants.

In regards to booking an online therapy session, the first appointment is free in order for you to get to know the counsellor. Prior to you first session, you will receive an email with a service agreement and confidentiality agreement attachments. Please print and sign both forms and send them back to the therapist. The day before your appointment you will receive an email that will have a link to appointment. Once your session is about to begin please go to your email click on the link and Zoom will automatically load and start the meeting.

Online counselling is a part of our commitment to provide easier access to counselling, as a part of our desire to contribute to building healthy relationships and communities.