Core Counselling - Core Counselling
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Core Counselling

How do I change? Why is change so hard?
Why is it hard for me to say “no”?
Why do I repeat certain patterns?

These questions are often voiced during our therapy sessions. They’re insightful; they illustrate the disconnect between our core desires and outward action. They’re acutely self-aware, gesturing at our innermost self, those core parts we bury deep.

But our bodies are more complicated. There’s a connection between the emotional and the physical. When we suppress something, it can surface elsewhere, in another form. We can cause physical pain in our bodies or emotional pain through depression or anxiety. What’s the human reaction to this destabilizing force? We crave balance and security because when those are present, we can store up energy to try new things.

We may try to create that balance by increasing the use of alcohol and drugs, or with sex, shopping, work, even conflict in order to deal with stress or pain. Our ability to manage decreases as we grasp at anything to help us cope. In these moments, as we try to deal with pain, we’ve already committed to some form of change. However, in doing so we may find that our strategy for reestablishing balance in our lives—that teetering attempt to feel joy, hope and excitement again—is counterproductive. As these cycles perpetually resurface, we may isolate ourselves from responsibilities, opportunities, and commitments, only to further experience disconnect and despair. The questions we ask ourselves are the beginning of an awakening—one that seeks clarity and growth, setting the stage for life improvements. For many of us, that’s the first step towards healing and growth. Core Counsellors are here to help you process these questions with strategic guidance, attentive listening, and caring expertise.

Looking for a change. Speak to a Core Counsellor today.