Chris Hague - Core Counselling
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Chris Hague

Chris Hague M.A., R.C.C.

Chris Hague has always believed in the healing power of human connection. He believes that change happens when we have someone that believes in us. He sees clients as courageous and that they seek out a new environment in therapy so that they can grow, mature, and discover themselves. He works through a person-centered and trauma-informed lens which guides him to connect with the client’s concerns while providing target opportunities for change. Chris enjoys the works of Carl Rogers and is interested in Attachment Therapy and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy. His passion is to work with children and young adults as he believes that helping others see, hear, and understand their needs is crucial in preventing depression and anxiety.


Chris was the lead counsellor and case manager for a behaviour program at Mouat Secondary school. He worked primarily with students who had traumatic experiences and often engage in self-harming activities. Chris worked closely alongside community counselling agencies as he understands that collaboration when supporting another person can be essential for helping them meet their needs.


2021 Chris recently started a new position as a school counsellor in a middle school, where he develops behavioural strategies with teachers in supporting students with behavioural and mental health concerns.


Wanting to provide his services to the public, Chris joined Core Counselling on a part-time basis, after obtaining his master’s in counselling and his RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellors licence). His primary focus is working with childhood trauma.

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